Our goal

Andesco´s Chamber for Legal Matters aims for the promotion of a normative framework suitable for the utilities and ICT companies’ needs, the enhancement of the legal administration of our members, in addition to consolidate the association relationships with different authorities and institutions responsible of the law´s expedition and regulation as well as its right´s recognition.

From the Chamber for Legal Matters we have supported the formulation of legal and regulatory policies for the sector´s interests and additionally for the generation of opportunities to the academic debate and the development of best practices. Furthermore, we have promoted connections with high courts officials from the National Congress and the legislative power. We also have taken on the Association´s representation concerning juridical control processes and constitutional control on cross cutting affairs for the different sectors under Andesco´s domain.

From the Association and its Legal Chamber there is a dedicated work, considering the normative changes concerning the utilities and ICT sector, as well as the different legal affairs that companies have to face during the development of their activities.

Over the last few years, the sector´s companies have faced different challenges as the development of new technologies, to provide quality services to a growing number of users, to start new models of services distribution, contingency management affecting the use of natural resources and the economical, administrative and technical matters to guarantee the value production and positioning the market.

On this matter, the Association´s work has been focused on determine the scope of the norms on subjects such as the outsourcing process, the rules of fiscal control, civil participation on the development of infrastructure projects, the execution of the land-use planning regarding the utilities norms and the protection of user´s fundamental rights. Additionally, we have warned about the need to maintain the judicial and constitutional precedent and the concern of maintaining the special legal regime consequent from the 142, 1994 law for the utilities companies, which has allowed the participation of public, private and mixed companies on a competence environment for the utilities provision required by Colombian community.

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