What we do ?


Andesco represents the common interests of its members as it promotes SUSTAINABILITY reflected in the economic, social and environmental balance, on a national and international level. We encourage shared value for the communities and stakeholders, seeking equity and competitiveness, with strong goals to promote a suitable institutional frame, to inspire a culture of environmental and social responsibility and generate knowledge management opportunities.


Andesco´s strategic plan is developed on the following elements: 

  1. Advocate and promote the core of the public services, ICT and TV supply model in Colombia, through a suitable institutional and regulatory framework for the benefit of companies’ sustainability.
  2. Andesco´s active representation in different scenarios to highlight the importance of our sector.
  3. Andesco´s effort to achieve national and international high recognition for the sector.
  4. Encourage the production of constructive information about our sector, as we lead sustainability topics as a distinctive value from the sector´s activities.
  5. Support knowledge management as a promoter of our member´s and stakeholder´s competences.


To represent before the National State, the goals and aspirations of the utilities and communications companies in order to enhance our sector, promoting Colombia´s sustainable development regarding SDG 2030 agenda.


    Being the most remarkable association in Colombia, with international recognition by its influence on the formulation of public policies, the promotion of corporate best practices and the production of sectoral information that promotes innovation and the country´s development, regarding the 2030 agenda for the Sustainable Development.


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      130 companies are members of Andesco, that represents 6,5% of Colombia´s GDP

      Andesco – National Association of Public Service and Communications Companies

      Phone Number: +57 1 616 76 11

      E-mail: andesco@andesco.org.co

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