Sustainability and environment

The Association considers as high important subjects those related to environment and sustainability, understood as the balance among economic development, social inclusion and the right use of natural resources.


The environmental, social and sustainability issues are of high importance for the development of the sector´s social activity on every level. Therefore, the Association constantly gathers national and international experts to debate about relevant topics, promoted through recurring meetings based on analysis and considerations about the tendency and development of environmental processes.



As a high importance matter is as well the commitment of the association and its members concerning the Sustainable Development Goals –SDG-, supported by the United Nations on September, 2015.

On its mission to sustain its sectoral commitment to promote corporate management, Andesco has developed a concise guideline depicting the 17 sustainable development goals and its 169 goals. This document aims to be a consulting kit for entities pursuing to adopt this program.  We encourage the Colombian society to highlight, act and promote the achievement of the 17 SDG which intent to accomplish equity, competitiveness, productivity and development goals by 2030.

Sustainable Development Goals 2030 agenda

Corporate Social

Responsibility – CSR –

Since 2005 Andesco has promoted Corporate Social Responsibility as an essential part of its duty for the improvement of the sector, not only from its own mission but working jointly with its stakeholders.

Andesco promotes sustainability in the context of Corporate Social Responsibility among its members, leading initiatives, programs and practices in: Services accessibility, biodiversity conservation, corporate governance, climate change, corporate culture, community connection and development, work environment, environmental education, renewable energies, ethic and transparency, accessibility to services information, accountability on sustainability performance, stakeholders involvement, assurance and tutoring for the supply chains, protection, conservation and restoration of natural environment elements, among others. 





Management of protected species

Wastewater discharge

Prior consultation with ethnic communities

Sustainability Agreement


On this context, Andesco´s company members have signed THE SUSTAINABILITY AGREEMENT, in which through Andesco, they confirm their agreement and commitment with sustainability, understood as a higher goal where the interests and the duties and rights of the society come together, aiming for an economical, socially and environmentally sustainable development.

Hence, recognizing the companies’ capacity to influence on the formulation of ethical business model, which inspires innovative and responsible practices towards its value chain and their stakeholders, we agreed to work on the enhancement of the following as a strategy to create shared value and contribute to sustainability:


  • Balance among development dimensions.
  • Contribution to technologies for the sustainable development.
  • Public policies proactive formulation.
  • Local shared value and global efficiency.
  • Cross cutting vision and articulation with other sectors.
  • Sustainability supported by incentives for efficiency.
  • Business model on sustainable development.
  • Commitment concerning water management and environment.
  • Accessibility to electric energy and gas services.
  • Integral management of solid wastes
  • Use of the information and communications technologies.
  • Social commitment.


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We are proud of the continuous work carried out by our affiliates for the sustainable development of the country, see their reports:

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